Practice Management

Practice Management

Each of the companies featured in the 2021 Legal Practice Management Buyer’s Guide has played a significant role in developing the tools lawyers and their professional staffs use to efficiently deliver services to their clients. Some companies have decades of experience, some were created by lawyers seeking a solution for their own practices, while others have adapted technologies from other industries and professions. Regardless, of their origins the companies included here represent the ‘Best-of-Breed’.

Recommended products and services include:

Cloud-Based Practice Management Systems (PMS)

  • Clio
  • Clio Thought Leadership
  • Filevine
  • Matter 365
  • Moxtra
  • MyCase
  • MyCase Thought Leadership
  • Smart Advocate
  • Zola Suite

Hosted / On-Premise Platforms

  • Abacus
  • Tabs 3

Specialty Products

  • Foxit

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