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Legal Tech Buyer's Guide Series

Welcome to the 2023 Legal Tech Buyer’s Guide series

In today’s digitally-driven environment, it is not always easy for lawyers to find the right solutions for their law practice.  Our goal is to ease and improve the evaluation process by illuminating key differences and prominent benefits that software or service providers offer. Highlighting these can help your firm improve efficiency, polish workflows, and positively impact your financials.

Since partnering with Above the Law last year, thousands have downloaded one or more Buyer’s Guide and used them to help inform purchase decisions.  All of our Buyer's Guides are available free of charge. 


2023 Practice Management

Each year, we launch our Buyer’s Guide series with the Legal Practice Management volume, and this year is no exception. Prior editions of this Guide have been downloaded nearly 10,000 times and used by legal professionals to help inform their purchase decisions.

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2023 Clio App Integrations 

This guide is the inaugural edition of the Clio App Integrations Guide. Clio’s law firm customers serve a wide variety of clients. Our goal in publishing this guide is to help you quickly and easily identify products that work well with Clio and add value to your practice.

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2023 Document Management

Nowhere is market consolidation more evident than in the Document Management category. Come back often for up-to-the-minute coverage of all things document management and find answers to your questions.

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2023 Legal Operations

Technology for legal departments continues to accelerate. We see new products and solutions designed to improve productivity and collaboration with outside counsel each year. 

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2023 Time, Billing and Payments

For legal professionals, time and billing is the necessary evil to getting paid. From yellow note pads to early electronic billing software to today's advanced and integrated applications, few will argue that time tracking and invoicing are the lifeblood of most practices. In this guide, we explore today's leading products and provide in-depth reviews.

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2023  Business Development:

CRM, Virtual Receptionists and Communication

Expected Release Date October

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2023 eDiscovery

Expected Release Date October


2023 Practice Management by Practice Area

Expected Release Date November