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Legal Technology Buyer's Guide
2021 Series

Buyer's Guide Series

In today’s digitally-driven environment, it is not always easy for lawyers to find the right solutions for their law practice. In fact, the process can be overwhelming. We created our Buyers Guide series to help legal professionals navigate the options available to them. 

Our goal is to ease and improve the evaluation process by illuminating key differences and prominent benefits that software or service providers offer. Highlighting these can help your firm improve efficiency, polish workflows, and positively impact your financials.

All of our Buyer's Guides are available free of charge. Thousands of legal professionals have found them to be a helpful, reliable, and trustworthy resource, we know you will too.


2021 Practice Management

Whether you are adopting legal practice management software for the first time or considering a change to your long-held case management platform, the latest in practice management software promises key upgrades in your ability to efficiently deliver and track your legal services.

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2021 Document Management, Assembly & PDF Tools

 With so many new technologies available to attorneys to aid in the creation, editing, management, review or signature of documents it can be hard to stay up to date and even harder to understand what makes each solution special. This buyer's guide is intended to organize providers into distinct categories based on their core capabilities;  explain the value of their services, key differentiators as well as the ideal use case for application in daily law firm life.

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2021 Legal Ops - Contract, Automation & Engagement Management

This is the first of two 2021 guides dedicated to Legal Operations for today’s legal departments who are increasingly being taxed with doing more and often with less. The only real solution is to embrace technology that helps increase efficiency while reducing costs.

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2021 Time, Billing & Payments

For legal professionals, time and billing have always meant getting paid. From yellow note pads to early electronic billing software to today’s advanced and integrated applications, few will argue the time tracking and invoicing are the life-blood of most practices. In this guide, we explore today’s leading products and provide in-depth reviews.

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2021 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From mining time spent on projects to contract management, document management, and eDiscovery, AI is adding value to our practices and so far doesn’t appear to be the threat that was earlier imagined.
Use this guide to explore the latest in this constantly evolving legal tech category.


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2021 CRM, Intake & Virtual Receptionists

For law firms that interact directly with clients, especially in consumer practice areas the investment in tools that both deliver a great first impression and keep the conversation going are key. In one of our most popular buyers guide editions, we explore the distinct types of communication platforms and outsourced services created to serve the legal consumer.

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2021 eDiscovery

From documents to audio and video recording to mobile devices and social media, this Buyer’s Guide explores technologies that help lawyers and law firms identify solutions available for your eDiscovery projects.


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2021 Legal Operations:
Matter & Legal Spend Management

The 2021 edition of the Legal Operations: Matter & Legal Spend Management Buyer’s Guide and Above the Law’s dedicated Non-Event page are your go-to resources to identify and learn more about legal department automation.


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2021 Cybersecurity Special Report

Setting up a cutting-edge system has become surprisingly painless. The top companies in tech show how you can keep your firm safe amid these ever-changing threats; one of the most important professional actions you'll ever take.


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2021 Law Firm KPI's and Reporting Tools

Expected Release December 30