Cybersecurity Special Report

Cybersecurity: 2021 Special Report

If you're like most lawyers, your response to ever-increasing cybersecurity risk is simple: nothing. You may think your small firm will fly under hackers' radar, or you might conclude that there's no chance your firm will succeed where larger institutions have failed. But, as a growing cohort is learning the hard way, this approach is courting disaster.

The good news is that you're reading this right now, which means you're already ahead of the game. Still more good news: setting up a cutting-edge system has become surprisingly painless. In this special report on the state of law firm cybersecurity, we're pleased to present a 2022 outlook from renowned cybersecurity analyst and professor Leeza Garber. 

Read this Special Report to understand this critically important legal tech category:

  • Looking Ahead to 2022: The Cybersecurity Landscape for the Legal Industry

  • Egress

  • iManage

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