Legal Operations:
Matter & Legal Spend Management

Legal Operations:
Matter & Legal Spend Management Buyer’s Guide

Today’s legal departments are embracing technology at an ever-increasing pace as they take on more and more responsibility in the enterprise. Matter management and controlling legal spend are at the top of the needs list. From managing outside counsel to reporting to the C-Suite, legal operations professionals and corporate counsel in every size organization need the proper solutions to work efficiently.

Use this guide to explore the latest in this critically important legal tech category:

Matter & Legal Spend Management

  • Brightflag
  • LawVu
  • SimpleLegal
  • SimpleLegal: 4 Factors That Affect Your Legal Spend
  • Wolters Kluwer: Passport
  • Wolters Kluwer:TyMetrix 360

Collaboration & Enterprise Legal Management (ELM)

  • Moxtra
  • Onit
  • Xakia

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